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Commercial Design / Branding / Packaging / Stationery

You’re a talented maker of beautiful things, and you could definitely make a living from your craft. You can reach a wider audience to make this a reality with a little design assistance, such as:



When an identity needs a tweak or a full overhaul a little branding exercise can really make a difference to your products value. Make sure you are presenting your best self at all times with all the bells and whistles.



You’ve carefully crafted the perfect product. It maybe handmade from organic materials, with an actual rainbow inside but that doesn’t mean much if it is packaged in a poly bag. I can help extend your attention to detail into mindfully packaged goods.


Get Print Friendly

Create high quality products with a more accessible price point. There are so many ways to make your art commercially viable, greeting cards, calendars, prints etc. Don’t be intimidated by the printing process.



Get your work digitised so that you can broadcast your talents over social media, blog posts and other digital marketing avenues. It may look gorgeous on paper or in person but you could be available to a wider audience online. Go Digital.