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Hi, thanks for stopping by. My goal is to help make it quicker, easier and more affordable to join the online market place for like-minded free thinkers.

With 20 years of experience in design, art direction and production, I hope to be able to even the playing field for independent dreamers - even just a bit! I’m a Squarespace specialist - it’s a thing - using my graphic design skills to create an inviting environment for your brand to flourish, weaving all the digital threads together into a cohesive experience.

I also work extensively on photoshoots as a stylist and art director. Understanding how the end photography will be used, really helps me get the most out of a photoshoot. My styling skills have cross the divide from shoot locations and photography studios, to creating an inspiring browsing experience at international trade shows, enticing window displays, calming moments in beloved cafes and serene sanctuaries in the home.

About you

I love working with foodies, curators, artisans and fellow creatives who are working toward a more thoughtful, beautiful and progressive community.

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Email is best: hello@curatedcreative.co.uk

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