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Photographic Stylist / Art Direction / Production

Realise your vision with planning, execution and beautiful styling. Having an Art Director and Stylist on shoot is the best way to get the results you want. My experience leans towards interiors but also includes food and fashion. I’ve worked with some fantastic photographers and simply love collaborating to make gorgeous images, here’s how:



A talent for making visually attractive moments, having an eye for detail, an understanding of balance, angles and light. My favourite description to date has been a ‘joujer’, said with a faux french accent. That’s me, I jouj!



Keeping a finger firmly on the pulse of forthcoming seasons is my bread and butter. It is also the best way to know where trends are headed, what is about to zeit-the-geist. It’s always best to innovate, don’t follow.


Art Direction

Working closely with a photographer to achieve the perfect shot with the use of light, props and superb locations but also understanding the value of the subject and what the client is looking for is of vital importance.



Communication and flexibility when working with photographers and production teams is a kind of alchemy. With the right planning and execution, you won’t be at all disappointed in the results and the creativity comes shining through.

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