Tanner Bates

It is a joy to discover an age old tradition being so carefully and passionately continued, this is especially true when the custodian is lovely John of Tanner Bates.

John has been supporting family run businesses that uphold traditional tannery processes from East Devon, to Florence Italy and across the pacific to Chicago USA. They supply the divine smelling, sumptuous and naturally tanned leather used in Tanner Bates beautifully designed and lovingly handcrafted products.

I worked with John on the packaging for his leather goods. Robust packaging that looks attractive but transports the item safely to its new owner with a care pouch and care kit. These aren’t just products, they’re pieces of art that are made to last a life time. We also developed canvas labels that are hand stitched in and stamped with a unique code which allows Tanner Bates to keep a record of each and every item.

Have you ever popped into the studio in Dartington, South Devon? If you are ever in the area - treat yourself. You will be overwhelmed by the dedication of the team who run workshops and create these gorgeous products.


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