The Almond Thief

When the ‘real bread’ wave was sweeping through the UK, Dan was already paddling back out, ready for the next set.

A  man on a mission to make great bread. Like minded bakers and makers gravitate to the Almond Thief headquarters to add their elements to the magic proving on the shaping benches. They are all on a mission. Cue interesting and experimental confectionery,  some of the best day time eating on the planet, ice creams, beer collaboration, debate, community and boundary pushing.

I worked with Dan on getting online, interior styling of the café, social media presence, signage, packaging and so much more.

With exciting new premises and an ever evolving and growing fold of bakers, it has been a joy to be part of the movement, in my little way. My first studio was in their now rammed cafe - with my monitor covered in a fine dust of Shipton Mill flour, belly full of trial canelé and head wired on caffeine. I even tried my hand at baking! To-date my favourite ever occupation… if not for the back aching hard work… and truly rubbish hours… and real lack of personal motivation…


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